Desk Calendar 2021


‘Chasing Barakah’ seems like an apt start to our forage into a new product territory and even more so when it has everything to do with how we spend our time. This desk-calendar is a culmination of months of learning on the part of the in-house, self-taught designer, research work on the part of the product development team and numerous consultations from our families, friends and customers on what they’d need most in a desk calendar.


The result, we hope is for it to be more than just a desk planner. We have carefully crafted the content to maximise your experience without filling each page with too much information. Measuring slightly smaller than A4, it is the perfect size for a desk calendar and dare we say, it may just be able to replace your monthly planner! We have always loved the challenge of creating products that are value-adding and that you can’t quite get off the shelves so without further ado, let us bring you through 10 features of our ‘Chasing Barakah’ desk calendar.


  • Size: Slightly smaller than an A4 size (29.7cm x 17.7cm) 

    Material: High quality matte art 210 gsm paper

    Finishing: Chrome gold spine, emerald green base 



    #1: Intentions

    Intentions doesn’t cost a thing, so go big on ‘em! Prompting you with an early start to writing your intentions for the year, be lofty (with your intentions), be hopeful, work hard and  have tawakkul (put your trust in Allah SWT).


    #2: The Usuals

    •  Prayer Time

    This is featured conveniently at the bottom of the page, so you can maintain productivity without being tempted to use your phone.

    • Islamic Calendar

    Here is to no more missing important dates in Islam! We have also added important festivities onto your calendar for you. 

    • Holidays

    We have included in the calendar Singapore public holidays. But who’s to say you can’t go international and add your own mini rainbows to mark your national holidays? 


    #4: Du’a for year end and beginning of the Islamic calendar.

    We always found ourselves scrambling for these du’a s when the time comes so now you know, it’s on your calendar! 


    #5: Juz Amma Tracker

    We have decided to include this in as it is something which we aspire to learn and get better in.


    #6: Everyday du’a for your protection

    A series of short du’as in one page to seek protection. We understand that for some, the office may be your battleground. May things get better for you as you practise and have faith in these du’as.


    #7: 30 days Challenges

    This is really for us to start inculcating good habits into our routine.


    #8: Fun activities to unwind when you are in office/studying

    Calendars need not be all formal and boring so we’ve added certain interactive elements in it. 


    #9: Hadith

    Different hadiths are scattered through all the pages in the calendar, serving as a reminder for us.


    #10: QR codes 

    These QR codes may lead you to beneficial learning sites or even to sites that show you the different beneficiaries which you could donate to. We would like to be your partner in #chasingbarakah, inn shaa Allah!