HIJ Kids presents a new range of money envelopes specially made for kids. 

Always striving to add value to our products, our product development team came out with gifts within a gift through these envelopes. 


How does that work?

- The first gift that you are gifting would be the monetary value within the envelope, a no brainer

- Receivers of these envelopes would be able to learn and recite the du’a of the different prophets, portrayed in aesthetically stunning and kids-friendly visuals. 

- QR code with links to Quranic stories, colouring pages and free printable activity kit for your kids


We really hope that your little ones will inculcate the love of the Deen and our Prophets through something seemingly simple. 


Have fun with your little ones through these interactive Gifts-within-a-Gift money envelopes. (: 

Du'a Prophet Ibrahim A.S

  • Product Details: 

    • The quotes beautifully encapsulate different du'as made by our Prophets.
    • Each design packet consists of 10 pieces. 
    • Printed on quality art matte paper
    • Dimension: 154mm (vertical) x 79.5mm (horizontal)
    • Designed by: HIJ Creatives