These punny pins were exclusively designed in-house and are intended to be a tongue-in-cheek way of being conversation starters and a fun take on an otherwise less prominent hijab essential.




Something to gift your girlfriends to commemorate those Koi/Gong Cha/Liho dates that you have had together. Thinking of someone whom you cannot imagine living without? Nothing says best-teas quite as much as a matchy brooch to formalise it! 

Food Pun Brooch: BEST-TEAS

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  • Overview

    • Brooch Dimensions: 55mm by 35mm 
    • Pins are sharp and material is sturdy enamel
    • See 2nd and 3rd Photo for Brooch Backing Illustration
    • Share the love on and gift them to your homies. Enjoy these discounts when you purchase in a set of 4 or 8.
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    What happens when you have a steamboat dinner feast over good food and meaningful conversations with your homies? Well, sometimes ideas spark and one thing leads to another! That's exactly what happened. HFH & TPSG met up about a year ago with no plans whatsoever for any collaboration, apart from the plan to get our tummies full. Many food puns and tudung talk later, we decided to marry our companies (nah, we’re not merging) to birth these pin babies! 

    Through these witty puns and cool illustrations, we hope to reignite the spirit of local food and love between you & your homies, spouse, family, colleagues, neighbours or hey, the random stranger who's now noticing the brooch on your shawl, bag or jacket. Let's spread good vibes around and have a teh-riffic day. (Halal) cheers!