Solve your #hijabihairproblems with the complete Tame Thy Hair series. Derived from natural ingredients, this entire series is formulated to solve itchy scalp, dandruff issues, hair loss and daily maintenance of hair.


All the products are freshly made by Whifflove and are now available in stock while stocks last. 


Step 1: Hair Ressurector

For a refreshing wash-down of your hair, which could be tainted by harmful styling chemicals or to rinse off excess oil, we recommend the Hair Resurrector. It leaves your scalp feeling fresh and hair feeling soft, ready to be pampered by Tame Thy Hair: The Shampoo & The Conditioner.


Tame Thy Hair Resurrector (Scalp Rinse)

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  • Hair Resurrector is the first step to take, to rid of unwanted particles in your hair. The main ingredient , apple cider vinegar helps your hair grow, eliminate dandruff issues and rinses your scalp from dirt & harmful particles build up. Combined with aloe vera which conditions & moisturises your hair, look forward to a healthy and balanced scalp. 

    Boosted with a winning combination of essential oils to tackle all your #hjabihairproblems:peppermint, lavender, orange, geranium and rosemary.


    Directions: To be used before shampoo and conditioner, 2-3 times a week or 1-2 times a week for dry hair.

    - Pour Hair Ressurector from your scalp first and down towards the end. 

    - Wait for 5-15 minutes, before washing it thoroughly with cold water.

    - Feel rejuvenated with the thorough wash and repeat for 6 weeks through to eliminate itchy scalp and dandruff especially.

    - To target hair loss and daily maintenance of hair, supplement it with the complete Tame Thy Hair series.