The kit consists of:

1. Juz 'Amma Book

  • Contains fifty structured lessons covering the thirty-seven surahs of the thirtieth Juz.
  • Each lesson has been crafted to ease the memorization and understanding of the surahs.
  • Lessons begin with a short background of the surah (asbab un-nuzul) and a present simplified English translation and meaning to help new learners comprehend each verse.
  • Provided transliteration to assist beginning readers.
  • Lessons end with a review section a word-by-word vocabulary of the Arabic text.


This unique approach to studying Juz 'Amma is ideal for classroom settings or individual study!


2. Short Surahs Textbook

  • Each lesson of this textbook contains background information, time and circumstances of its revelation of the particular Surahs.
  •  The meanings of each word, phrase, and of complete paragraphs are also included in the tutorial.


This is an outstanding textbook for beginners and children.


3. Short Surahs Workbook

  • Provides effective reinforcement for students using the textbook in class. 
  • Exercises have been developed to help students grasp key ideas, memorise basic facts, and comprehend the topics and themes presented in the text.
  • Ample opportunity provided for students to master the vocabulary of each lesson and to comprehend the meaning of the Arabic vocabulary.