Lifetiles of Mecca V1


Being the spiritual compass of Islam, Masjidil Haram’s beauty and grandeur have been a great inspiration to many. Paying homage to the beauty we saw, we’ve taken a leaflet from the many intricate patterns and tiles around the masjid and imprinted it onto our envelopes with heartfelt prayers from the Qur’an and teaching from the Prophet (PBUH).

Lifetiles of Mecca (Mount Safa)

  • This series of money envelopes is versatile for any occasion and can house gifts beyond dollars. Think thoughtful notes, artwork pieces, gift cards and many more! 

    $2 will be donated to BAPA for every set purchased.

    Multiply your rewards: 30% of proceeds sold will be donated to BAPA monthly. You may read more about BAPA here

    Product Details: 

    • The quotes beautifully encapsulate different pearls of wisdom from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    • Each design packet consists of 10 pieces. 

    • Printed on quality art 125gsm matte paper

    • Dimension: 19cm x 9cm  (horizontal), 9cm x 19cm (vertical)

    • Designed by: HIJ Creatives 

    • $2 will be donated to BAPA for every set purchased. 

    • Bonus:QR code will be given with a link to a digital wallpaper, suitable for use on mobile devices