Achieve more in a day by tapping into the magical power of the #barakaheffect. Design your day around 3 main pillars:

Productive Muslim has three tips to be the best version of yourself;

1. Master your Focus :  You are rewarded for your intention so start every activity with Bismillah and with this productivity pad, you’re bound to say it, if not aloud, in your heart.
2. Master your Energy: Create a consistent habit of daily zikir as you work through your tasks: Recite Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakhbar. 
3. Master your Time: Plan your tasks according to your style: Process-oriented or Task-oriented.

This productive pad allows you to prioritise so you can focus on your tasks, and your prayers, to be more time-efficient, and God-conscious, in shaa Allah.

The Homies Planner - Classy Black

  • Available in 2 designs and colours: Emerald Green & Classy Black

    #thehomiesplanner is designed by the HIJ Creatives team:

    • 80 pages 
    • Quality 100gsm paper 
    • Gold foild 'Bismillah' 
    • A5 size suitable to placed on desk, carried in a file or bag